Serving ideas

Our Kimchi are used in so many ways.

Eat our kimchi on top of any food like a relish and thats how we eat in Korea.

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  • Add kimchi on top of smashed avo toast
  • Add kimchi to scrambled eggs
  • Kimchi filled omelette
  • Yoghurt, kimchi & your favourite toppings
  • Add to quinoa or rice bowls
  • Porridge with kimchi

Snacks & Recipes

Grilled cheese, fried rice, pizza, pancakes, rice bowl, noodles, pasta, ramen, burger, bbq, tacos, dahl, curries, dumplings, frittata, seaweed roll, dips, pulled pork sandwich, serve with vanilla ice cream


Don’t waste the juice! Use kimchi juice in smoothies and cocktails, for example in a Bloody Mary or Dirty Martini. Yum!