Serving ideas

Our Kimchi are used in so many ways.

Eat our kimchi on top of any food like a relish and thats how we eat in Korea.

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Meal Ideas

  • Serve kimchi on a cheese platter
  • Have kimchi with BBQ and mix with salad
  • Serve kimchi with pasta
  • Have with quinoa, rice bowls, soup or porridge
  • Sprinkle kimchi on top of pizza and tacos
  • Have kimchi with smashed avo and toast
  • Serve with dips or salsa
  • Fill an omelette or scrambled eggs with kimchi
  • Make a dip with smoked trout + kimchi + natural yoghurt
  • Have kimchi with natural yoghurt and your favourite topping
  • Add them to noodles, ramen and curries
  • Fill dumplings and seaweed rolls with kimchi
  • Have it with grilled cheese
  • Make it into kimchi pancakes
  • Have it in sandwiches and burgers
  • Eat it like a condiment on top of any food. Yum!


  • Mix kimchi juice into a salad, turn it into a salad dressing
  • Have it as a probiotic drink
  • Blend kimchi juice into a smoothie
  • Mix it with cocktails, like a Bloody Mary, Virgin Mary or Dirty Martini